It’s 1828 and conflicts surround the consolidation of independence in South America. Simón Bolívar “El Libertador” and his political advisers are in the city of Bucaramanga awaiting news of the Ocaña Convention, which is expected to generate a constitution for a large South American nation –Gran Colombia. In dramatic days marked by intrigue and treachery at the hands of Colombian General Francisco de Paula Santander, the future of this larger initiative is decided as Bolívar recalls key moments in his life. The film is based on the homonymous 19th century memoirs by Luis Perú de Lacroix, a French general who fought in the army of Napoleon I and then joined Bolívar’s army in 1823. It will also celebrate Venezuela’s Independence Day (July 5th) and the Birthday of Simón Bolívar “El Libertador” (July 24th).