Memories of My Father

El olvido que seremos

Fernando Trueba, Spain, 2020 , 137 min

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Leading Spanish filmmaker Fernando Trueba (Chico & RitaThey Shot the Piano PlayerThe Artist and the Model) tackles the acclaimed memoir by Héctor Abad Faciolince (Forgotten We’ll Be) about his relationship with his father, Colombian medical practitioner, professor and human rights activist Héctor Abad Gómez, played by the immensely sympathetic Spanish actor Javier Cámara (Talk to HerLiving Is Easy With Eyes Closed).

Gomez’s insistence on what he identifies as the five basic human rights (air; water; food; shelter and affection) makes him a popular figure on the streets of Medellín, but less so with the right wing authorities who set out to harass him and suppress his influence at every turn. His son’s admiration is only tempered by the personal cost the activist must pay for his convictions.

This is a wonderfully sympathetic, deeply felt and tenderly funny family drama with a novelistic attention to details and episodes – a little like Alfonso Cuáron’s Roma, about growing up in a similar era in Mexico City. Cámara thoroughly inhabits the figure of Gómez: unselfconsciously inspiring and lovable.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Trueba excels at those well-meaning, exquisitely realized, vividly acted human dramas.

Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap

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