As a young man, Roberto Roman (Cristián Carvajal) developed groundbreaking theories on memory migration that catapulted him to fame within the field of neuropsychology. Memory migration, as defined by Roman, maps the process by which memories of the past migrate into the working memory and are made conscious. Despite building a strong reputation in his youth, Roman’s career has stalled, and he decides to return from abroad to spend a semester at his alma mater in Chile.  No longer the pride of the university, Roman now finds himself working for his old friend and adversary, José (Alexis Moreno), and fighting for funding and respect from his former mentor, Osvaldo (Pablo Krögh). The one person who continues to believe in Roman’s research is his bright young assistant Javier (Camilo Carmona), who takes Roman’s past experiments to another level, insisting that memories migrate when triggered by moments of creative insight, moments that can be provoked by visual association exercises. Roman volunteers to be the subject of Javier’s experiments, and becomes trapped in the images of his past. As his memories invade his present and begin to fuse together, he’s forced to revisit the choices and experiences that have led to his current life of mediocrity.