That Was Life

La Vida era eso

David Martín de los Santos, Spain, 2023 , 109 min


Veteran Spanish actress Petra Martínez (Bad Education) won the Best Actress award at the Seville Film Festival for her role here, as Maria, 70-something, convalescing numbly in a Belgian hospital after a heart attack. It’s here she meets another Spanish immigrant, the young and vivacious Verónica (Anna Castillo), who is here for tests after fainting in the street. Something in Verónica wakes Maria out of her stupor, and leaving a note for her husband to water the plants, she sets off for Andalucia ostensibly on a quest to track down the young woman’s family. In truth, it will be a journey of self-discovery.

Touches on intimate and delicate issues with a subtlety and modesty that surpasses the heavy handedness of most films, always trusting the inner voice of its impressive protagonists.

Elsa Fernández-Santos, El Pais

Disarmingly touching… pulls the rug from under characters and audience alike.

Demetrios Matheou, Screen International

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