Directed by Rogelio Paris

(Cuba, 1964, 66 mins, Spanish w/ English Subtitles)

Una noche de música cubana is an invitation to experience the cultural wealth of the island of Cuba through all the senses. If you have ever been curious about Cuban culture, this is your opportunity to explore and engage with an excellent movie, traditional food and live music from Afro – Cuban Dimensions, all in just one night. 

The evening will begin with a special screening of the classic Cuban documentary We Are the Music (Nosotros La Musica), a vivid panorama of the island’s music and dance legends from the early 1960s, featuring the likes of Ignacio Villa, Celeste Mendoza, Ana Glorai, Charanga Francesa and many more. Made in 1964 by Rogelio Paris, the film can be considered the unofficial father of Buena Vista Social Club. 


Thursday, December 18th – 7:00 PM

Vancity Theatre


A rare panorama of Cuban music and dance from the 1960s. Featuring legendary Cuban musicians as well as vibrant spontaneous performances, We Are the Music captures the mood and vitality of Havana during its golden period.